Advisory Committee

                             2016 KPN Advisory Board Members:


Amy Jeffers, CPS, Prevention Director, Pathways RPC           

Nancy Pfaadt, CPS, KPN Coordinator                                       

Debbie Trusty, Education Director, Operation UNITE             

Laura Edwards, Green Co. DFC and KYASAP Coordinator       

Chris Sparks, CPS, Prevention Specialist, Pennyroyal Center  

Angela Criswell, CPS, Field Coordinator, Lung Cancer Alliance

Sherri Estes, CPS, RPC Director, Adanta, RPC                       

Christy Nuetzman, MS, U of K Cooperative Extension Office   

Heather Parrino, Coordinator for BRICC Coalition                  

Tomy Molloy, PAL Coalition Coordinator                               

Biographies for Committee members: 

Amy Jeffers

Heather Parrino

Tomy Molloy

Debbie Trusty

Nancy Pfaadt

Christy Nuetzman

Chris Sparks

Sherri Estes

Laura Edwards

Angela Criswell