Kentucky Prevention Network
Mission: The Kentucky Prevention Network (KPN) promotes collaboration and quality substance abuse prevention efforts, through training, education and networking.
Membership: Membership in the network is open to all Kentucky residents interested in substance abuse prevention.   There are no annual dues.  


To support and advocate for evidence-based alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention strategies, resources and programs.
To promote collaboration among prevention professionals, volunteers, community members and others in the interest of healthy lifestyles.
To enhance the image of substance abuse prevention as a viable strategy to reduce substance abuse.   
Advisory  Committee: This committee shall consist of representatives from organizations or agencies in the Commonwealth with an interest in substance abuse prevention including volunteer groups.   Members may represent the following:   Department for Behavioral Health, Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities (Substance Abuse Prevention Program), Regional Prevention Centers, Drug Free Community Grantees, Higher Education, Kentucky Certification Board for Prevention Professionals,  Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy, Operation UNITE, Kentucky ASAP, volunteer organizations and other groups with a vested interest in substance abuse prevention.   The role of this committee includes generating and sharing ideas, seeking input from Network members, participating in decision making, and planning and structuring Network activities.    The Advisory Committee has both a short-term planning and long-term visionary focus. The Advisory Committee meets on an as needed basis to conduct business of the Network.  Advisory Committee members are asked to serve a minimum of one year and may recommend a replacement representative to serve on their behalf.
Process:   KPN events include an annual conference, and a minimum of two other networking and training events per year.   These events will be planned and scheduled by the Advisory Committee utilizing feedback and input from Network members.
Kentucky Prevention Network events will be hosted at various locations throughout the state in order to offer networking and training opportunities to as many members as possible. Each event will provide prevention certification training hours.  
Advisory Committee members may be asked to assist with any KPN scheduled events. 
The Kentucky Prevention Network will collaborate with other groups whenever possible to provide substance abuse prevention activities which meet the goals and objectives of the organization.